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The condo developments in Kakaako are at the vanguard of modern planning which emphasizes walkable urban spaces and resource clusters. The area is brimming with distinctive retail destinations and diverse selection of high-quality dining options just moments from each condo building. An oasis amidst the urban buzz, newly expanded parks will provide a serene escape for your leisurely strolls and outdoor pursuits. The new Ala Moana elevated walkway (currently under construction) will seamlessly bridge the Beach Park and Harbor to urban Honolulu, enhancing community connectivity and quality of life for both residents and visitors alike.

Market Snapshot for Kakaako Condos

 Active Listings

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Kakaako Condo Sales by Year

557 Number of units sold
(down from 618 in 2021)

$898,000 Median sales price
(up from $860,000 in 2021)

$1,129.97 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $960.54 in 2021)

618 Number of units sold
(up from 360 in 2020)

$860,000 Median sales price
(up from $760,000 in 2020)

$960.54 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $857.69 in 2020)

360 Number of units sold
(down from 462 in 2019)

$760,000 Median sales price
(down from $820,250 in 2019)

$857.69 Median sales price per square foot
(down from $901.19 in 2019)

462 Number of units sold
(down from 437 in 2018)

$820,250 Median sales price
(down from $847,000 in 2018)

$901.19 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $886.73 in 2018)

437 Number of units sold

$847,000 Median sales price

$886.73 Median sales price per square foot

Highlights of Kakaako

kakaako lifestyle amenities

Highlights of Kakaako

Kakaako is vibrant with remarkable architecture including a myriad of stylish new high-rise buildings as well as the landmark IBM building with its distinctive honeycomb facade. Ala Moana beach park and the Kawelo Boat Harbor are located right across the street from the front row condo buildings of Hokua, Waiea and Victoria Place.

whole foods in kakaako
merrimans restaurant in kakaako

Restaurants and Shops

Kakaako is a paradise for the epicurean with more than 23 restaurants encompassing a wide range of cuisine from fine dining options such as Merriman's (modern Pacific rim), Cino (Italian fusion), Han No Daidokoro (Korean-style barbecue) and Istanbul (Turkish & Mediterranean). There are also excellent cafes, speciality foods stores and fast service eateries in the area including Aliʻi Coffee and the trendy Holey Grail Donuts. Whole Foods is located on the street level of the Aeo building.

Ward Village Community

ward village condos

Ward Village Community

In many ways the master planned community of Ward Village is the heart of the Kakaako area. This special enclave of Kakaako, which is still in active development, has the majority of the new buildings and will have over 9 acres of parks and green space along with close to 1 Million square feet of restaurant retail space. Below is a list of the completed Ward Village buildings.


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